Events Calendar

Webinar: How to Make a Condition Assessment

Learn how to evaluate an object’s condition, with an eye to sharing it on exhibit.

Third Thursday: The Rev. George S. Brown

The Rev. George S. Brown, Missionary to Africa and First African American Methodist Pastor in Vermont with Pat Thompson

History for Homeschoolers - Sweet Season: Sugaring in Vermont

Learn about maple sugar and syrup production, marketing and related inventions and traditions.

Webinar: How to Write an Exhibit Label

Learn the basic principles of organizing and then sharing information in an exhibition setting

Third Thursday: Women’s Suffrage in Vermont

2020 marks the centennial of the passage of the 19th Amendment to the United States Constitution, which extended the right to vote to women. Many of us are familiar with national activists and events, but what did the story look like in Vermont?

Hiking Gear, Equipment and History on Vermont’s Long Trail

Join staff and volunteers of the Green Mountain Club to learn more about what’s changed, what hasn’t changed and what is expected to change for Vermont’s Long Trail and those that hike it.

Vermont Eats: The Italian Experience in Barre

Come celebrate Vermont’s Italian cuisine and the cultural and geographical elements that influenced it. 

Vermont History Day State Contest

Students in grades 5-12 present their history projects to judges at the annual Vermont History Day State Contest.

History for Homeschoolers - Shearing Time: Sheep in Vermont

Explore the sheep "boom" and the importance of sheep and wool in Vermont's history.

Saturday Museum Program: Spinning Yarns: Hands-on Workshop Using Historic Tools

Join us for an exciting, hands-on activity with fiber experts Nora Rubinstein, Meredith Moore, Andrea Myklebust, and Tansy Sears.

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