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Vermont History Trivia Online

Join VHS for virtual Vermont History trivia every Wednesday in April! Fun for all ages.

Virtual Roundtable: Virtual Volunteering

We’ll discuss how to stay engaged and working with volunteers and board members when you can’t physically get together.

Virtual Roundtable: Collecting and Archiving COVID-19

The full historic impact of the Coronavirus pandemic is unknown, but we’ll discuss initial attempts at collecting the contemporary history of this event at your institution and in your community.

CANCELLED: Spinning Yarns: Hands-on Workshop Using Historic Tools

Join us for an exciting, hands-on activity with fiber experts Nora Rubinstein, Meredith Moore, Andrea Myklebust, and Tansy Sears.

Virtual Roundtable: Museum Nomenclature

What’s in a name? Find out the importance of data standards and what exactly “nomenclature” is and how it can help you organize your collections.

Third Thursday: The Devil's Cabinet

During the mid to late 1800's the Eddy family of Chittenden, Vermont (Rutland County) became world-renowned as spirit mediums with the alleged ability of generating full-bodied spirit manifestations or "materializations" of the departed.

Virtual Roundtable: Researching Women Voters in 1920

Women had the right to vote in 1920, but how many actually voted? Learn about how you can help the effort to find and document women voters in Vermont in the 1920 elections

Vermont History Day State Contest

Students in grades 5-12 present their history projects to judges at the annual Vermont History Day State Contest.

History for Homeschoolers - Rainy Days: Water in Vermont

Learn about the highs and lows of water in Vermont, from natural resource to natural disasters.

Third Thursday: The Other Franco-Americans

Works of Franco-American history tend to focus on the industrial cities in Boston’s periphery. Whereas Winooski meets a pattern seen elsewhere in New England, Vermont actually attests to the immensely diverse experiences of French-Canadian migrants and their descendants.

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