History for Homeschoolers

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Piecing Together Vermont History

There are two options for the 2021-22 series - in-person or virtual (with Zoom class). Please see these pages for all the details and links to registration options:

Unfortunately, we do not have the capacity to create the At-Home materials to coincide with this year's classes. However last year's materials are available for new participants. See additional details:

Students can participate in some or all sessions. The classes are recommended for children ages 7 to 12. Some activities involve reading and writing. Pre-registration is REQUIRED for in-person and virtual classes; space is limited.

Please contact Victoria Hughes at victoria.hughes@vermonthistory.org or (802) 828-1413 with any questions or concerns.

Each session includes history-related activities that focus on the month's theme.

September - Change Over Time & Archaeology
Wednesday, September 8 OR Thursday, September 9

Use the skills and tools of archaeologists to understand how Vermont has changed over time.

October - Abenaki History & Oral History
Wednesday, October 13 OR Thursday, October 14

Learn about Abenaki history through stories which have been passed down through generations.

November - Revolutionary War & Historical Fiction
Wednesday, November 10 OR Thursday, November 18 (note classes are in different weeks because of Veterans Day)

Compare historical fiction to history to understand the impact of the Revolutionary War on Vermonters.

December - Mid-1800s & Art
Wednesday, December 8 OR Thursday, December 9

Examine paintings and works of art to learn about Vermont in the mid-1800s.

January - Civil War & Photography
Wednesday, January 12 OR Thursday, January 13

Look at photographs of Vermonters to learn about the lives of soldiers and their families during the war.

February - Vermont Industries & Letters and Diaries
Wednesday, February 9 OR Thursday, February 10

Study children's letters and diaries to compare the experience of young Vermonters in the past with your life today. 

March - Early 1900s & Audio and Video
Wednesday, March 9 OR Thursday, March 10

Listen and look to understand how radio and movies told Vermont stories in the twentieth century.

April - Mid-1900s & Newspapers and Magazines
Wednesday, April 13 OR Thursday, April 14

Use printed materials from the World War II era to learn about life on the Vermont home front.

May - Change Over Time & Maps
Wednesday, May 11 OR Thursday, May 12

Explore Vermont through a time line of maps and learn how highways shaped Vermont’s recent history.

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