William Hogan Letters

The following is a collection of eight Civil War letters sent by William Hogan to his son, Thomas, in the Forest Dale section of Brandon, Vermont, 1862-1865. The collection also includes one letter sent to Hogan by his friend, David W. Clarke, of Addison, Vermont.

These letters are unusual in that Hogan, although a Vermonter, was not serving in a Vermont unit. He served in Company H of the 2nd Delaware Infantry. He enlisted November 6, 1861; was captured at Petersburg, Va., June 16, 1864; was released from Andersonville Prison April 28, 1865; returned to his unit; and was mustered out May 31, 1865. After the war he and his family moved to New York state.

These letters are in the collection of the Vermont Historical Society (MSA 268).

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