Lending Library

The Vermont History Lending Library consists of a wide array of books and videos for teachers and students of Vermont history. The materials were reviewed and chosen by a team of teachers from throughout Vermont, and are a combination of classics in Vermont history, references, and materials for use in the classroom. The library includes multiple copies of many of these books and videos. They cover the categories and eras in Vermont history below.

The rental period for Vermont History Lending Library books is 6 weeks. Fees are as follows:
1-3 books: $5.00
4-8 books: $8.00
9-15 books: $12.00
16+ books: $15.00

To order books, call the Vermont Historical Society Education Department at (802) 828-1413, or send an email to meg.mallory@vermonthistory.org 

Native Cultures Prior to 1609

Settlement and Statehood 1609-1791 & Agricultural Expansion 1791-1840

Economic Transitions 1840-1890

Growth of Industry & Tourism 1890-1927

Emergence of Modern Vermont 1927 - Present

General Vermont History

Video & DVD

National History Day Guides & Videos

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