Local History Gallery: Lively & Local 2021

Lively & Local: Historical Societies in Vermont
April 6, 2021-July 31, 2021
Vermont History Museum, Montpelier, VT

Vermont’s story is shared, celebrated, and preserved by the over 190 local historical societies (LHS) and museums found in all corners of the state. Working hard, often armed only with volunteers and excellent apple pie recipes, they foster a sense of community that bridges generations, provide a sense of place, and help define Vermont’s unique identity.  

The exhibit will feature photographs, stories, and associated information on a wide variety of local historical societies and museums in Vermont. It aims to showcase the diverse approaches to local history found in Vermont, how LHS are important community organizations, and how history (and those who preserve and share it) are not “static or stodgy”.

LHS Participation

Contribute to the exhibit Wordcloud! What words or phrases describe local history to you? Feel free to enter existing words again to expand their prominence (but note there's only one chance to vote per person). Vote here: https://www.menti.com/1wnv1625t7 . View the current results below. 


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