Lowell, Vermont, Town Records, 1812-1934

This collection consists of a variety of documents from the town of Lowell, Vermont, including deeds, vital records, bonds, justice writs, liens, surveys and various other documents from the period 1812 to 1934. The collection was donated to the Vermont Historical Society by the descendants of A. Fern Souther in 2004 (ms. acc. no. 2004.17) along with her own papers, which form a separate collection.

Included in this collection are a wide variety of documents of interest to the genealogist and historian. Many of these documents have been copied into town record books, but there are some unique documents that have not. An example is permissions to marry, wherein parents or guardians, often on small scraps of paper, have given their permission for an underage person to marry. Even when documents are copied into town records, the possibility of transcriptional errors makes these original records important.

The town of Lowell is located in Orleans County, Vermont, near the Canadian border.  It was originally known as Kelleyvale; the name was changed to Lowell in 1831. The first town meeting was held in 1812; the records contained herein go back to those earliest times.

"Lowell, Vermont, Town Records, 1812-1934" is the name of the collection at the Vermont Historical Society from which these lists were created (Doc 567).


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