Washington County Selective Service Board Photographs, 1942-1945

This collection contains 74 formal and informal photographs of inductees into military service for World War II from Washington County, Vermont, 1943-1945. Most of the photographs show young men in civilian dress standing in front of the Washington County Court House in Montpelier, Vermont, in groups.  However, the collection also includes informal photographs of the men getting ready to have their picture taken, photographs of men walking from the court house to the train station in Montpelier, and photographs of inductees getting on a bus in front of the court house. There is one photograph of an inductee and his family and four photographs of the selective service board, known as local board #1, at work in their office. Typewritten lists of inductees found in the collection have been matched to the photographs in the collection.  The lists of names are not necessarily arranged in the same order as the men in the photographs, so it is not possible to match the photograph of an individual with a name.  An index of the names has been created to assist in finding which photograph an inductee appears in.

This collection can be cited as "Washington County Selective Service Board WW II Inductee Photographs, 1942-1945" (FB-70).  The photographs in this collection have not been scanned and cannot be viewed online, but copies may be obtained from the Vermont Historical Society Library in Barre.


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